About Us

The Origins of Santé CBD Products 


It all started with a sore shoulder and a suggestion to use CBD oil. 
The journey to find the best possible CBD product for some shoulder pain was long and costly. After many frustrating, disappointing and expensive months of product testing a poorly packaged product arrived that worked incredibly well (a definite 'don't judge the book by it's cover' situation). Unfortunately, when it was time to reorder they were out of stock due to the manufactures backlog. So the cycle of buying and testing started again. After many more weeks of searching and dissapointment a period of education and investigation at the manufacturing level began. After months of research we finally found the perfect product and bought as many as we could get our hands on. We gave the CBD to our family and friends, all of whom raved about it. This was great until everyone started to run out of product... from there a CBD company was formed.
At first we were an online retailer with great packaging and incredibly high quality product. Our sales were strong as we slowly started to introduce additional CBD products. At first we had to go through a small distributor since we were not able to purchase the large minimum order quantities required by the direct manufacturer and unfortunately the small distributor's cost were at a steep premium as compared to manufacturers pricing. However, as our business began to grow we eventually were able to meet the minimum order thresholds of the manufacturer but while the pricing was lower than the distributor it was still high relative to the deepest discounts offered to massive CBD retail buyers. During the course of our growth our product was continually recognised and positive reviews were regularly posted and shared at various online retail sites. These reviews and our sales started to get the attention of folks looking to add CDB products to their vape shop, convenience stores or online businesses. It was then that we realized we could have the best of both worlds and eventually could disrupt the 'wild west' world of retail CBD. 
We knew that with massive purchasing power we could get into the top volume tier of the highest quality manufacturers and get the pricing breaks for all of the CBD products out there today, reserved only for the largest corporations. From there we could provide our product to others who were unable to purchase small quantities or unwilling to pay greedy distributors. However, that didn't go far enough, we needed to ensure our wholesale customers would always have the fastest lead times, newest product formulations and products before the rest of the world. We also wanted to allow our wholesale customers to have the option to create their own brand and identity. It wasn't long before we solidified partnerships and high level relationships with the top tier CBD manufacturers to ensure processing priority and first to market opportunities. We also partnered with our packaging folks to leverage our volume in order to allow a lower MOQ for a private labeling. The best part is that we can now offer our wholesale customers a full suite of top quality, industry proven private label CBD products at MOQ's and pricing well below the basic product cost of those nefarious distributors that are out there today. Thanks for reading and we look forward to servicing your CBD needs.